Relevancy & Speed Matter Most in Web Design

Hampdamp provides website design and development, search engine and traffic optimization, and multimedia and video production for the internet.

When building a website, people often take the quick and easy route. Searching for themes that “look good”. Focusing on what colors the site should be. Grabbing someone else’s pictures from the internet “to see if they work”. They may include a few videos and write a few sentences on their pages. Then they press publish and they are done…only to wonder why their site does not load fast and does not come up in search results.

Website Design & Development

Website Development requires proper planning and thorough research from the onset. The process of planning is critical to success.

An example of a well optimized, prototype website is:

Process Prevails

The Hampdamp approach to website development is thinking in terms of what potential customers will be searching for. Thinking like your customer offers insight on what keywords are used to search for a particular product or service. With these keywords in mind, one can begin the process of producing relevant and original multimedia content matching what customers are searching for. It is this multimedia that successful websites are built around.

Multimedia Elements

Multimedia content for websites can be images, videos, audio and graphics. When considering multimedia content for a website, it is advantageous to produce original multimedia elements: high quality photographs of products or events, well lit videos of interviews, and clear and crisp audio files, for example. With these multimedia elements in place, one can create relevant, keyword rich copy for pages that enhance user experience and interaction.

Websites Developed For Speed

Websites should be built for optimal performance so they download quickly. In order maximize speed, performance must be considered from the onset, and care must be taken to ensure that: javascript, CSS and HTML are minimized, parsing of javascript is differed, gzip compression in enabled, small javascript and CSS is inlined, browser caching is leveraged, request size and redirects are minimized, images are optimized, CSS is put in the document head, resources are served from a consistent URL, scaled images are served, asynchronous resources are preferred, character sets are specified early, image dimensions are specified, query strings are removed for static resources, and bad requests and landing page redirects are avoided.

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